In the Sports Medicine world, supplements are known as a colossal waste of money for various reasons. Good health is obtainable through exercise and a clean diet (green vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats, minimal/no processed foods.)  Nutrients from REAL FOODS are utilized by our bodies, while many of the non-fat soluble vitamins are actually excreted and fat soluble vitamins (such as Vitamin E) can become toxic. This is NOT a case where “more is better.”

Furthermore, the supplement industry, which includes protein powders, is not regulated by the FDA. Companies must label their products with the disclaimer, “…not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease” and therefore consumers have no way of knowing the products’ actual contents. Unfortunately, many of these supposedly “healthy” items do not contain the claimed ingredients, and may even include dangerous drugs or chemicals which can result in organ failure or death.

This is most prevalent with the bodybuilding protein products which often have high levels of toxic substances and/or illegal anabolic hormones. Usage of these products has even led to professional and olympic athletes unknowingly failing drug doping tests.  Simply put, the best option is to eat clean and healthy and, if you do use supplements, make sure that they are organic or natural and have been independently tested.

The USDA and FDA will not enforce truth in labeling until/unless a serious side effect or death from a specific product occurs. Buyer, beware before spending your hard earned money this way!

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