Settling for pennies on the dollar, United Healthcare (UHC), the largest United States health insurer, recently ended lengthly litigation involving a large class action lawsuit for violating the ERISA act and inappropriately handling customer benefits. Unfortunately, they continue to maximize profits at the expense of patients’ health, while they MANAGE healthcare plans on behalf of corporations, rather than actually PROVIDING insurance. Because UHC’s contract was never negotiated, they continue to self-govern, leaving customers and providers without recourse, or access to policies, while experiencing higher premiums, co-pays, and deductibles with fewer benefits.On October 4, 2016, in a Minnesota federal court, a new lawsuit was filed, potentially representing tens of thousands of customers claiming that UHC overcharges for prescription drugs while pocketing the difference.While UHC continues to act in bad faith, it’s important that buyers beware and do their homework before signing up for their plans.

Customers Sue UnitedHealth Over Prescription Drug Co-Pay Costs