Ron P from Houston, TX

I am 51 years old and live in Houston.  At 42 years old, I had a surgery to repair my labrum.  It turned out I had a degenerative shoulder which my doctor was unable to repair.  Over the years my shoulder deteriorated into a degenerative shoulder, torn rotator cuff and partially separated bicep tendon.  In

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Dr. Frank Simoncini DO

I would have to go with phenomenal. As a fellow surgeon and colleague in the medical community his reputation precedes him”....mutual patients ...”who did your knee/shoulder?” Bailie “Are you better” 110%....over and over and over....every patient same comment In the gym as a former competitive bodybuilder...”dude...no....go see Bailie “.....so I did when it was my

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Scott Potter

I had Dr. Ballie replace my shoulder almost 10 years ago (Copeland procedure) and it was the best decision I've made. I live in Houston but made the trip to Phoenix because of the number of Copeland procedures he had completed at the time (even more now). I now need my other shoulder replaced (heavy

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Mary Riley

I am a 69 year old women who owes many of her athletic abilities to Dr. Bailie.  I was in severe pain with both of my shoulders and could hardly do any normal tasks let alone anything athletic.  In 2009 and 2010 Dr. Bailie performed his majic and replaced both my shoulders!  Both surgeries were

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Gian Enrico Pica

With this testimonial, I would like to thank (a lot) David Bailie for the great job he did with me. His technical skills, along with his empathy and humanity, are unusual gifts in this “industry" He fixed my shoulder when everybody told me it wasn't possible. Instead of telling me to erase my long career

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J. Valkanet, CST, TS-C

Throughout my medical career as a surgical assistant/tech/scrub, I’ve been privileged to work alongside and assist amazing surgeons. I’ve worked with Dr Bailie for several years, and I must be honest, he isn’t the easiest surgeon to assist. Not in a bad way, on the contrary… it’s because of Dr Bailie’s level of knowledge in

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Dr. Bailie and his staff are great. I have had two knee surgeries and injections and all has greatly improved my ability to exercise and be free of pain. It is very convenient to have x-ray equipment as well as physical therapy right on site. I would recommend Dr. Bailie to anyone, especially for sports

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I have had two knee surgeries and orthovisc injections from D. Bailie. Member Comments: Dr. Bailie and his staff are the best, always very professional outlining options for treatment. The pre-surgery information given is excellent allowing you to know exactly what to expect and what you need to do to prepare. HIs follow up is

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Excellent surgeon. I know three friends that have utilized Dr. Bailie's services for shoulder surgery (labrum and rotator cuff), and two acquaintances for knee surgery, and I have been to him myself. He is easy to talk to, highly knowledgeable, and courteous. His outcomes have been excellent with everyone I know that had surgery with

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Could not be happier after seeing 3 other surgeons who missed the diagnosis because my MRI didn't pick it up. Dr Bailie knew what is what immediately and after nearly 2 years, no more pain.

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