This guy is the man. Who took EXCELLENT care of me, took all factors into consideration, tried all alternatives before agreeing to surgery and when surgery came, he did an incredible job. Having had 2 previous shoulder surgeries on the shoulder he operated on by other surgeons, he went in for surgery number 3 to fix me once and for all. After 3 years of shoulder issues and diminished quality of life, this man brought me back from the dead and fixed me once and for all and now here I am 7 months later working out pain free in the gym! Always took time to answer my questions, e-mails and worries PROMPTLY. Seriously, this dude is an idol of mine and it was an honor to be his patient.

From Anonymous: Could not be happier after seeing 3 other surgeons who missed the diagnosis because my MRI didn’t pick it up. Dr Bailie knew what is what immediately and after nearly 2 years, no more pain.