Dr. Bailie is demanding from start to finish in the operating room. Although he will be the only person performing your surgery, Dr. Bailie enlists the assistance of highly skilled personnel, including surgical facility staff, anesthesiologists, surgical nurses and technicians, whom he chooses based upon their expertise and meticulous safety standards.

Dr. Bailie is known for his perfection over his many years in the operating room. By utilizing the same staff members and facilities on a regular basis, he is able to orchestrate a routine which maximizes outcomes and minimizes complication risks.

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Whenever possible, Dr. Bailie hand-picks the staff that work with his patients in surgery as he believes that familiarity and repetition leads to fewer complications, safer surgery and better outcomes. From the OR nurses and surgical techs at the facility to his first assistant and the anesthesiologist. These are useful links that can provide further information on these personnel.

*Heather Bennett CRNFA, First Assistant

Heather Bennett-MorrisonHeather is a certified RN First Assistant, receiving her degree from Northern Arizona University. In 1990, she helped pioneer RN First Assisting in Arizona and was one of the initial RN First Assistants at St. Joseph’s, Good Samaritan and Phoenix Children’s Hospitals. She achieved Certification in Operating Room Nursing (CNOR) and served as the charge nurse and manager at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. In 1993, she was recognized as part of the first group of registered nurses to become certified in first assisting (CRNFA.) In 1994, along with three associates, she started her own business and founded First Assistant Associates, Ltd., a group of First Assistants and Physicians Assistants serving Valley surgeons and their patients. Heather is currently President of First Assistant Associates and has been working with Dr. Bailie since 2002.

*Metro Anesthesia

Metro Anesthesia a preferred anesthesia provider for Dr. Bailie at TOSCA and SurgCenter Camelback. He has worked with several of these excellent physicians since 1996. As part of their service, they have created a video of the inter-scalene block, which many patients choose as part of their anesthesia for shoulder surgery. Please click HERE to learn more.

*Valley Anesthesia

Valley Anesthesia is Dr. Bailie’s preferred provider at Piper Outpatient Surgery Center and he has worked with these excellent physicians since 1996.