Dr. Bailie has always had the philosophy that physicians should only use evidenced-based medicine and avoid unproven or detrimental treatment. This is true even when the treatment has been used for decades as the common “standard of care”. One example is the use of steroid injections for alleviating arthritis pain in the joint. Some physicians inject steroid medications for any type of knee pain. They often use large doses and frequent and repeated administration. Why? Because it does reliably make patients temporarily feel better. However, while Dr. Bailie wants his patients to feel better, he only uses these drugs in specific cases, where long term benefit greatly outweigh the RISK.

Given the known toxic effects of steroid injections on all human tissue, and especially joint cartilage and tendons (around the knee and shoulder) he believes, that simply because it has been used for many years, this does not mean it is appropriate or safe.

A recent paper in the Journal of the AAOS, summarizes nicely the negative aspect of steroid injections that Dr. Bailie has touted for decades. As a physician’s responsibility is to “first, do no harm”, this information will help educate patients and providers alike on the HARMFUL effects of steroid injections.