Dr. Bailie has the fortunate opportunity to have been hand selected to be a PRCA Team Physician since the late 1990’s.

Although many physicians of various specialties volunteer their time with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Dr. Bailie is one of only a handful of Orthopedic Surgeons asked to be an official Team Physician. Working as part of the Justin Boots Sports Medicine Team, he volunteers to provide Orthopedic services to the men and women of the PRCA during the sanctioned events. Having had extensive experience over the last 20+ years, working with athletes from all sports, including team coverage in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Division I, II and III NCAA athletics, US Olympic athletes, professional soccer and professional rugby (to name a few), he stated during a radio interview on KTAR Sports a few year ago that the toughest athlete he has ever encountered was the PRCA rodeo cowboy. “PRCA athletes pay their own way and do not get paid if they do not win. There are no guaranteed contracts or agents working deals for them. They are not guaranteed a dime for showing up. They travel the country to compete, sometimes even with major injuries such as ligament tears and fractures – things that other athletes would take a year or more off to recover from – in order to gather points and make enough money to land in the NFR (National Finals Rodeo in December in Las Vegas.  I can say, after working with just about every athlete, at every level, these guys are by far the toughest of them all – hands down AND they are very respectful and appreciative of the medical care they receive.”It is with great pride that he continues to work with Justin Sports Medicine and the PRCA. To attend a rodeo event near you during the upcoming 2016 season and experience the thrill, visit www.prorodeo.com for more information