Recently, stem cell therapy has been touted as the “miracle cure” for many conditions. However, patients need to understand that TRUE functional stem cell therapy is NOT currently allowed or available in the United States.

Legitimate stem cell therapy requires several steps:
1. Appropriate cells must be harvested.
2. These cells are then separated from other cells.
3. The cells must be mechanically or chemically manipulated, to give them proper identity, telling them what to become.
4. They are then multiplied in order to provide a sufficient amount for the process.
5. The cells are then injected, or surgically implanted, into the desired location, at the most viable time.
6. Despite following appropriate protocol, a successful outcome is not guaranteed.

Currently offered in several other countries, manipulation to selectively create or culture a cell line in the United States is ONLY permitted as part of FDA regulated trials. Furthermore, META-ANALYSIS, or statistical scrutiny of several research papers, indicates that EVEN WHEN PROPERLY USED, stem cells DO NOT help tendon disorders. Patients should, therefore, think twice before undergoing controversial and expensive, unproven treatments.

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