UPDATE: The NANO Stemless Total Shoulder, co-developed by Dr. Bailie is now FDA approved and being implanted worldwide. For more information or to see if you are a candidate for this device for painful shoulder arthritis, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Bailie at appointment@azisks.com

Biomet IDE Study: Comprehensive Shoulder System with Nano Humeral Component in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (FDA Ref: G110207):

azisks-david-bailie-az-nano-stemless-photoDr Bailie is a principal investigator of an investigational shoulder replacement device. The study is sponsored by Biomet Orthopedics (Warsaw, IN, Now Zimmer-Biomet), a major US manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic total joint implants and sports medicine devices. The device, which was released in Europe last year, is being investigated at 12 centers in the U.S., under an FDA-regulated study, in order to compare the investigational device to the standard, currently available shoulder replacement. The investigational device is currently not available for use outside of this study. Dr. Bailie has been involved in this project for several years and has worked with Biomet on the technology, in collaboration with 3 other surgeons in the US and Canada. He is proud to offer his patients, who are candidates for shoulder replacement, the opportunity to participate, should they meet the inclusion criteria set forth by the study protocol. Dr. Bailie is the only surgeon west of Memphis, TN approved to use this device and participate in this study until the study is completed. To learn more about this study, and the associated risks and to determine whether you may be a candidate, please contact Dr. Bailie via email at dsb@sportsmeddoc.com or by making an appointment.