New research has now proven to support what most sports medicine orthopedic knee surgeons have been telling their patients for years: that ACL surgery is the easy part and that rehab and continued training is critical to long term success, especially in athletes or anyone participating in higher risk sports. New studies confirm that many patients incompletely rehab the knee (and the non-surgical side) resulting in muscular imbalances and neuromuscular disturbances that lead to much higher graft failure rates and re-tears. Dr. Bailie has emphasized this with his patients for over 2 decades. He informs patients who tear their ACL but are low demand or unable to commit to a year for rehab and training to consider non-surgical treatment. There is nothing worse than going through an ACL surgery and not complete the rehab (as many patients feel great at 3-4 months) only to suffer another tear. Surgery is the easy part. If you require an ACL reconstruction, make sure you dedicate yourself to 12 months of focused rehab and proper training to give you the best chance at a great recovery and return to sports.