Resurfacing arthroplasty was first used in Europe decades ago, before experiencing a resurgence and updated by Stephen Copeland FRCS, in Redding, United Kingdom. Dr. Copeland’s design, which gained FDA approval in the US in 2001, focused on degenerative and rheumatoid shoulders in the elderly. Because of Dr. Bailie’s proficiency in treating complex shoulder problems, Biomet Orthopedics, (now Zimmer-Biomet) approached him to assist in the development and modernization of this procedure. Knowing that there were few reliable methods for treating arthritis in younger, active patients, Dr. Bailie developed a specialized technique to fill the void and published his early results in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Due to its complexity, very few surgeons have the skills necessary to perform this operation, which Dr. Bailie has perfected in over 400 patients, from young “weekend warriors” to Olympic athletes and Hall of Fame professionals, who have traveled from around the United States and as far away as Singapore for his expertise in resurfacing.

This video was taped in 2004 as a live webcast surgery, broadcast around the world. It is moderated by a surgeon and viewers were able submit questions live during the procedure. Dr. Bailie and his staff demonstrate this complex surgery and the key aspects are highlighted.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) is the premier organization of Orthopedic Education, providing many resources for continuing education, including examinations, self-assessments, academic and laboratory skills courses, textbooks and specialty courses for Orthopedic Surgeons and other medical professionals around the world. The Academy also provides resources for the public and community regarding Orthopedic related problems and treatments. Medical professionals may become affiliate or associate members, but to become an active member, the applicant must be a surgeon, trained as a medical doctor (MD), completed an accredited Orthopedic Residency program and become board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS). Dr. Bailie is an active member in the Academy and has presented many papers, posters and exhibits at the AAOS annual meetings throughout his career.

The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) is the organization that certifies allopathic physicians (medical doctors or MDs) in all areas of Orthopedic Surgery. After completion of rigorous training in an intensive 5 year accredited residency program in Orthopedic Surgery, the candidate must pass a difficult written test in order to complete Part I of the examination process. Once the written exam is passed, the candidate must maintain a practice in Orthopedic Surgery for 2 consecutive years and submit multiple cases for review by the Board. Once this has been completed and the application accepted, the candidate may sit for the Part II oral examination. This portion requires the prospective member to travel to Chicago, the home of the AAOS, and sit before a panel of examiners where he/she is questioned regarding all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. Only if determined to be acceptable in both evaluation and management, according to accepted standards of care, is the candidate considered to “pass the boards” and become board certified in Orthopedic Surgery. Both Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Hand Surgery currently have further requirements in order to be issued a specialty Certification of Added Qualification (CAQ) in their subspecialty.

The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) is the premier organization of Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialists in the United States. It provides continuing education and research support for Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialists and holds annual meetings which are attended by thousands of surgeons from around the world. To become a member requires application, recommendation from peers, and team sports coverage experience. Dr. Bailie has been an active member of this organization since 1998, teaching several courses and presenting his original research.

This unique site is part of the AAOS site and is focused on problems you may encounter with your knees.

The Justin Sports Medicine Team is the official sports medicine provider for the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association). This site provides information on many issues facing athletes participating in the PRCA. It lists the medical professionals who have been selected, based upon their unique skill set, to care for these highly specialized athletes. Dr. Bailie is one of only 11 physicians in the United States, (5 in the West/Southwest), given the title of PRCA Team Physician.

As a patient, it is always helpful to discuss medical conditions in detail with your treating provider, in any area of your personal health. This useful link allows patients to search and review published research, familiarizing yourselves with medical literature in order to build a foundation while learning about the development of medical science from the laboratory, through controlled studies, to clinical practice. Although much of the language used may be foreign to you, the underlying meanings are usually understandable. By reading the abstracts, keeping in mind that not all studies are of the same quality and relevance, you will learn about important aspects of many studies, enabling you to ask educated questions during physician visits.

The Arthroscopy Association of North America is an organization dedicated to the education and research in Arthroscopy related fields of Orthopedic Surgery. Membership is by application and selection and the organization offers education to surgeons and patients alike.