Dr. Bailie started covering local rodeos over 20 years ago as the request of Mike Rich PTA, ATC, the Executive Director of Justin Sports Medicine. He currently volunteers his time and expertise and works alongside some of the best athletic trainers in the world to cover the injury intensive sport of Pro Rodeo.

These cowboys must pay for their own travel and entry fees in order to enter numerous rodeo events across the country. The compete to win money and points in order to try and  qualify for the multi-million dollar NFR (National Finals Rodeo) – the Superbowl of Rodeo at the end of the season. Because they do not have guaranteed contracts, they cannot take time off even when injured if they want any chance to make it to the Main Event. Where in most professional sports, the injuries these cowboys sustain would be season ending- or often even career ending- the PRCA Cowboys will continue to push on. Even getting them to admit injury can be a challenge.

But when something needs to be treated, whether it be with conservative methods- brace/taping/rehab or surgical repair/reconstruction, the Justin Sports Medicine Team guarantees these athletes get the best care on the planet so they can continue to compete in the sport they love.

As Dr Bailie has been a member of the medical staff as an Orthopedic Consultant or Team Physician for various teams in all major sports leagues, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, Arena Football, Division !, !! and !!! NCAA, he has gravitated to the PRCA where the relationship between athlete and medical staff remains pure without interference from coaches and agents etc. “I would say that covering PRCA events is always exciting and refreshing. These athletes are as tough as they come and knowing that they don’t get paid or earn points if they do not compete means we have to get them back in the game as fast as possible. Given the frequency and variety of injuries, it always amazes me how motivated these guys are”, says Dr Bailie.

Coverage also extends to the fearless bullfighters. Click the video link to watch a short clip of Luke the Bullfighter (one of the best in the business) getting horned under his protective vest at the Parada del Sol Rodeo in Scottsdale.