Health Futures is a Phoenix based radio show hosted by Bob Roth, CEO of Cypress Home Health Care. Each week, a current healthcare expert discusses topics which help listeners improve their quality of life. Dr. David Bailie is a frequently requested guest, sought after for his expertise not only in Orthopedic care of knee, shoulder and sports related injuries, but also for his knowledge regarding current issues in healthcare policy and its affect on patient-physician relationships. As an advocate of patient-physician cooperatively maintaining decision power for personal health, Dr. Bailie created AzISKS in lieu of joining a large,impersonal healthcare organization. The content of each Health Futures show is unique and unscripted. Mr. Roth and Dr. Bailie discuss topics such as specific Orthopedic related injury prevention and treatment, nutrition and exercise, as well as educational information useful as tools for listeners regarding the rapid changes occuring in healthcare- from research and clinical care to insurance issues such as provider access and malpractice.