The use of actual, useful “stem cell” therapy is illegal in the US, as it requires more than what the FDA calls “minimally manipulating” the cells: harvesting, labelling (telling the cells what to become- bone, cartilage, tendon etc), culturing, (multiplying cell numbers) and implantation of the cells into the body.

Many medical providers are using this as an opportunity to mislead patients, charging them extraordinary fees to provide miracle “stem cell” treatments that do not exist.This takes the form of unlawful use of injectable amnion/chorion products harvested from placenta, false claims that PRP (platelet rich plasma) has stem cells (it does not) and rising in popularity, the use of patients’ own BONE MARROW.

While the use of this technology is available in other countries, it remains unregulated here, with high probability of scams and complications. In the US, “stem cell” treatment is simply NOT AVAILABLE. However, there are a number of ongoing FDA trials on adult MSCs and their application in Orthopedics.

To enroll, check with the FDA website as this is the only opportunity, at this time, to receive REAL stem cells in concentrations and types that are potentially therapeutic. While BONE MARROW and ADIPOSE (FAT) have some MSCs, they are limited in number and cannot be manipulated to be clinically useful.

This article provides information on the Orthopedic Literature as it pertains to BONE MARROW and demonstrates that even the published literature is faulty, incomplete, and does not allow for any meaningful conclusions with regard to the use of BONE MARROW as a source of stem cells to treat musculoskeletal conditions.

At AZISKS, we continue to scour the research and communicate directly with the FDA in order to keep our patients informed of the current trends and “state of the art” treatment options. This includes honest presentation of biologics in order to prevent our patients from being scammed by misleading and dishonest marketing of “stem cell” therapy. Please click the link to read the latest on BONE MARROW.

Variability In The Preparation, Reporting, And Use Of Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate In Musculoskeletal Disorders

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