I have had the privilege of associating with Dr. David Bailie for the past 15 years as a patient and as a physical therapy provider. This has given me a unique perspective as to the quality of work Dr Bailie provides.

As a surgical patient, I presented to Dr Bailie with multiple rotator cuff tears as well as an almost completely torn labrum from working in professional baseball for many years. Thanks for Dr Bailie’s expertise and superior surgical skills my injury is fully resolved and I have been symptom free for 10 plus years. His skills allowed me to continue with my profession of assisting athletes and patients with their rehabilitation programs. I am thoroughly satisfied with my outcome.

As the manager of a physical therapy clinic, we have serviced Dr Bailie’s patients for 15 plus years. I have also shadowed Dr Bailie in his office over 100 times through the years and have observed many of his surgeries. I have found his attention to detail and absolute passion for his work to be second to none. We have seen consistently superior outcomes with his shoulder and knee patients, both surgical and non surgical. His rehabilitation expectations are very high which helps our therapists deliver the best possible care for his patients.

I highly recommend to anyone in need of shoulder and knee intervention to seek the care and skill of Dr David Bailie.