Dr. Bailie is well aware of the position that patients are in while dealing with insurance plans. Many insured patients are required to pay a large portion of their medical expenses, due to skyrocketing deductibles. Some patients, tired of unethical limitations of healthcare services allowed by their insurance carriers, are carefully selecting his services by using out-of-network benefits, while numerous patients in the United States, as well as from other countries (especially Canada and Europe), pay cash or use a medical credit company to receive a special rate loan designed for medical procedures.

Dr. Bailie appreciates the needs of his patients and does not take their situations lightly. Therefore, he has developed an equitable cash pricing policy that provides cost-effective solutions for those patients paying larger portions of their medical expenses. For Medicare and out-of-network services, any fees associated with the hospital/facility, anesthesia, ancillary services and physical therapy will be covered, less your usual co-pay or co-insurance, leaving only Dr. Bailie’s direct service fees uncovered. He often can provide a substantial discount to the usual and customary fee for his surgical services for Medicare patients, uninsured/self-pay and those using out-of-network benefits. Unfortunately, because of insurance contracts, he CANNOT provide any discount of co-pay, co-insurance or deductible to those patients he is treating if Dr. Bailie participates IN NETWORK. This is illegal, violating both his contract and your contract with the insurance carrier.

When making an appointment, please inform his staff of your self-pay status (if MEDICARE, OUT-OF-NETWORK or UNINSURED) and they will advise you of the fee associated with your initial consultation. If after your visit, surgery is required, Dr. Bailie’s staff will review the cash pricing of your specific procedure, as it will vary depending upon complexity and the procedure codes anticipated. Dr. Bailie’s surgical fee will be further discounted by the amount of the initial consultation, which he includes in the surgical fee. In addition, you will not be charged for any office visit with Dr. Bailie for a period of 90 days after surgery. Please note that it is our goal to provide you with the highest quality care available and we strive to obtain an affordable pricing policy for all patients.

If you are traveling from outside of Arizona, it is possible, in some cases, to make arrangements which allow an initial consultation, as well as surgery, in the same week. This will depend on the scope of the problem, complexity and the ability to gather any needed tests/studies prior to the initial visit. Please see our TOURIST MEDICINE section for more information. You may also email his staff at info@azisks.com or Dr. Bailie directly at dsb@azisks.com.