Dr. Bailie has been asked to speak and sit on a panel at the annual BECKER Healthcare Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, October 2016. This 7th Annual meeting is for 1500 leaders in healthcare focused on outpatient surgery. ASC Communications is a premier medical information service that provides updated information regarding medical treatments, management of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, coding and other administrative aspects of healthcare. The annual ASC meeting focuses on the operations of outpatient surgical centers and includes topics related to costs, operations, safety, infection control etc. HE was asked to sit on the panel for: “Total Joints in an ASC”, “how to improve reimbursement per case”, How to Recruit and Retain Great Staff” and “ Can Healthcare Survive Superbug Infections? What Should Leadership do?”. It is always an honor to provide useful information to the medical community and enhance patient care, especially in outpatient surgery.