“The U.S’ orthopedic market is thriving, driven by the region’s improved healthcare infrastructure, a growing elderly population, and a high prevalence of osteoarthritis. Though infrastructure plays a crucial role in improving standards of care, the factors that determine the growth of the orthopedic centers are majorly the technological advancements, personalized medicines, minimally invasive procedures, integrated care and multidisciplinary approach.

Not just the technological advancements, orthopedic centers should also priorities patient experience by offering more comfortable facilities, streamlined appointment scheduling, improved communication channels, and patient education to empower individuals in managing their orthopaedic conditions.
We at The Healthcare Insights have been reviewing a series of Orthopaedic Centers adopting latest evidence based practices and cutting-edge treatments to improve patient outcomes.

And we are excited to have AzISKS on board as one of the  10 Most Trusted Orthopaedic Centers Adopting Evidence Based Treatments & Cutting-Edge Practices in 2024”