As part of AZISKS commitment to educating our patients and the public on a range of healthcare issues, we are posting a recent article on alternative medicine.More and more patients are choosing alternative healthcare believing that is is safer, healthier and “organic”. As with anything, misinformation or limited information leads to an uneducated consumer, which, in healthcare can lead to disasters. Yes, it is true that meditation can help with improving overall well-being and that consuming some herbs and other plants materials can actually cure/treat disease (as I have learned directly from Indian Tribes in Panama). However, in the latter (which is often the basis of our western medicines) these plants are not manipulated and prepared for use in a very specific way that processing into supplements simply cannot mimic. A brief article was recently written for Medscape, a physician blog site, which provides some insight into alternative medicine. This includes information on STEM CELLS and references for further reading. Please click HERE to read or download the PDF.