If there is a dispute regarding causation, whether medical or legal causation, the employer or insurance carrier may choose to have the applicant evaluated by an independent medical examiner, in what is termed an IME. This is an independent evaluation by a qualified physician who is tasked to determine the diagnosis, treatment and medical causation of the injury. Dr. Bailie performs IMEs on a regular basis at the request of insurance carriers, employers, attorneys and injured workers. He understands the importance of such exams and does not allow bias of any kind to influence his opinions, regardless of who requests the exam. During these exams, the injured worker is not considered a patient and the patient- physician relationship is not established. Thus, the law does not allow him to provide medical advice to the examinee nor discuss his findings or opinions with them. All of the medical records and imaging studies are reviewed, a history and exam is performed and opinions rendered in a formal report, provided to the requesting party. If further information is required to render an opinion, he will receive the information and issue an addendum. If there is a dispute, it is typically resolved by an Administrative Law Judge. Dr. Bailie testifies at Industrial Commission Hearings regularly to clarify any opinions rendered in his report. Under special circumstances, not withstanding any conflicts of interest, he may be asked to take over care after an IME. This is acceptable if requested by the injured worker and Dr. Bailie agrees to the request. TO SCHEDULE AN IME and RECEIVE THE FEE AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF THE EXAM/PAYMENT, PLEASE CONTACT MICHELLE at 480-264-6095 or at LEGAL@AZISKS.COM. ALL EMAILS WILL BE ANSWERED THE SAME DAY but please call for immediate response.