AzISKS, Arizona Institute for Sports Knees and Shoulders, is the result of Dr. Bailie’s quest to provide the highest quality care of the SHOULDER and KNEE by utilizing the most advanced non-surgical and surgical techniques available.

While training at several of the most prestigious institutions in the world, Dr. Bailie learned that superior outcomes included high patient satisfaction with minimal complications and directly correlated with the surgeons’ high level of integrity, compassion, artistic surgical skills and personal patient interactions.

Dr. Bailie uses skills acquired during his training, coupled with his vast experience gained while practicing his craft of Orthopedic Sports Medicine in Arizona since 1996 to treat all sports injuries and degenerative conditions of the knee and shoulder.

Known nationally and internationally, Dr. Bailie has a reputation for being “hands-on” in all aspects of his patients’ care from the initial appointment scheduling to the final follow-up visit. He ensures that all who participate in the care of his patients, whether his office staff at AzISKS, a surgical facility or a therapy clinic, share his vision of excellence.

It is the mission of AzISKS to treat patients with respect and help them achieve their desired goals of pain relief and functional restoration in order to regain the physical quality of life they deserve. Please browse the site to familiarize yourself with AzISKS and its staff, as well as information on various Orthopedic conditions. While Dr. Bailie cannot legally provide diagnosis or treatments without an examination, he does welcome your comments and emails and looks forward to meeting you in his office.